Our Mission

The Foundation aims to provide, directly or through related companies or bodies, and in accordance with the conditions and the availability of facilities, assistance to disadvantaged people who need care and temporary shelter with the exclusive pursuit of goals of non-profit social solidarity in the sectors of
"health and social care", "training", "charity" and "scientific research".

The Foundation, in consideration of the proposed objectives, seeks to achieve them through the implementation and/or management of facilities closely integrated into the network of health and social services existing in the area and dedicated special assistance to vulnerable population groups.

The activities carried out by the Foundation aim to provide assistance, to educate, to teach and to give charity to drug addicts, alcoholics, immigrants and marginalised individuals in general,
in the respect and promotion of human rights.

The activities are set in a therapeutic and educational framework aimed at the empowerment, recovery and social reintegration of marginalised individuals, welcoming them into their residential facilities, providing them with education, techniques or skills and taking care of their physical,
moral and mental recovery, by implementing suitable therapies.