Fondation Nuovo Villaggio Fanciullo

  • Il Genoa Calcio Serie A per i progetti in Senegal della Fondazione

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    Giovedì 9 agosto la Fondazione Nuovo Villaggio del Fanciullo ha ufficializzato la collaborazione con il Genoa Calcio nella sede centrale della squadra di Serie A. La partnership è nata con lo scopo di avviare un importante progetto sportivo dedicato alle scuole presenti nella Regione di Casamance, nel sud del Senegal.

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  • Villagelato - Inaugurazione gelateria e frutteria 24 agosto 2018

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    Domani sera dalle ore 20:00 inaugura “Villagelato”, la nuova gelateria del Villaggio del Fanciullo, con prodotti a km zero. Sarà offerta una degustazione gratuita di gelato a tutti i bambini!

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  • Adotta un albero da frutto, fai un Regalo Solidale

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    Dona una albero da frutto ai tuoi cari, ai tuoi amici, ai tuoi clienti o ai tuoi collaboratori. Regala l'opportunità di contribuire a un importante progetto di reinserimento sociale. 

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  • Il Villaggio del Fanciullo in missione in Senegal

    La Fondazione Nuovo Villaggio del Fanciullo in missione per sviluppare due progetti umanitari. Nelle scorse due settimane, la Fondazione è stata impegnata in una missione umanitaria nel Sud del Senegal, in collaborazione con l’Associazione di volontariato Kalambeno. Tale iniziativa si colloca all’interno dei progetti previsti dalla Fondazione in qualità di ONG.  

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Logo Project Mercurio

Project Mercury - living Unit in Cesena

The Project Mercury is a residential unit enabled by the Foundation of the New Village of the Child in the context of services provided at a single building, in the locality of Ponte Pietra di Cesena.

The housing Unit is placed within the System of Services for addictions, AUSL Romagna is a project aimed to offer a placement, housing, residential, permanent or temporary, and support, and is intended to 6 people and adults with problems related to drug addiction, alcoldipedenza, psychiatric comorbidity, which are well-recognized ability of evolution, even if to a different extent.


Such persons must possess a current state of compensation and psycho-physical balance, with no legal constraints particularly restrictive as to prevent the freedom of movement and access to the daily practices of autonomy, and for which it has been thought a path to socio-rehabilitative, or are without, or with poor family, unable to sustain their situation and psycho-affective.

The housing Unit is a residential project of social reintegration which has the purpose of:

  • ensure the home care;
  • improve the quality of life of the users of the project, urging the daily actions of self management in order to limit dependence on others, and to discourage passive attitudes and delegation;
  • prevent isolation and marginalization, and fostering interpersonal relationships and emotional relationships, mutual help and collaboration among the guests;
  • avoid or delay institutionalization, enabling the person to remain in their living environment, even if in a building different from its own original dwelling, with the support of a qualified and integrated with other services and with the resources of the territory.
  • to acquire the ability of self-management of leisure and everyday life;
  • support, in the initial phase of the project, the self-administration of drug therapies;
  • encourage careful management of money;
  • develop socialization and mediation skills;
  • to overcome the risk behaviour.


The project is aimed at those, who, while leading a life of semi-autonomous, in need of the services of protection and support in a secure environment.

The conditions for the access to the dwelling unit, are assessed through a joint assessment by the team of the Service by sending and of the staff of the housing Unit;
Are not eligible for this service those who have health needs and complex and can only be resolved using a health and social care on an ongoing basis.


The inside of the housing Unit operates a co-ordinator of the group's apartment; and the staff's performance educational with time, functional to the management of the housing Unit and for the optimization of the involved persons but not more than 6 hours per day; the educational figures will have the task to monitor and accompany the guests in their path to independence, proposing healthy lifestyles and oriented towards the well-being.

At the group apartment can also operate volunteers, to allow more connection with the external environment to provide stimuli and opportunities to the guests and to complement and support the intervention of the professional figures indicated above.

the Characteristics of the housing Unit

The housing Unit is located in the Ponte Pietra di Cesena via Room 214, 3 km from the Hospital and from the Ser.T. of Cesena.
The housing Unit is arranged on 2 floors:
The ground floor consists of entrance hall, dining room and kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room and a room for the operators.
On the lower floor 1 tavern with kitchen and laundry facilities. In order to ensure the safety of the guests the apartment is equipped with outdoor cameras and 1 indoor located in the living room.

The Unit is furnished with new furniture that provide comfort and security and help the guests to feel the environment like home and welcoming. The housing Unit is, to all intents and purposes, the home of the person the guest will be permitted to:

  1. the placement of items of furniture and furnishings, consistent with the space available and considered to be family, so indispensable for the person, which must, however, be compulsory to comply with the regulations and communicated to the staff of the structure;
  2. the acceptance of temporary visitors, such as family and friends to keep alive the interpersonal relationships which must be agreed with the operators.

Performance and services

Guests of a Unit are insured by the operators, in respect of custom Projects and their requests, the following services and facilities:

  • the supervisory daytime for a maximum of 6 hours and welfare activities programmed on the basis of the actual needs of each individual;
  • the organization of access on the part of health personnel and socio-health Service of origin, in accordance with the individual project;
  • the management of relationships with family and the support of network friendship;
  • the organization and the identification of initiatives of socialization, recreational and employment, internal and external to the structure, compatibly with the resources available to the individual subject and of the Foundation of the New Village of the Child.


Admission to the "Project Mercury” – housing Units, will be subject to an evaluation of the event team is a joint Service by sending and housing Unit);
The coordinator of the housing Unit responsible for the project “Mercury” then, proceed, in collaboration with the representative of the case, the interview with the applicant.

The duration of the route will be defined with the team the sender and the permanence of the guest will be a maximum of 2 years.

The authorization for the entrance in the apartment is issued by the Director of the Service sender.

The entrance in the housing Unit must be preceded by the therapeutic Project , individual, shared, and signed by the Service, sending, by the team of the housing Unit to and from the host.

At the time of entering, the guest must sign the internal rules of the structure.

At the time of entrance, the visitor must be in possession of the following documentation:

  • Individual project;
  • Identity card, driving License (if held), tax code;
  • Any sheet therapy and any other medical report to be useful for the staff of the housing Unit;
  • Demanding payment from the Service sender.

Information request

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How to reach us

How to Contact Us

Headquarters of the Village

Nuovo Villaggio del Fanciullo Foundation

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 Therapeutic Community
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